Collection: Christian Baumgartner
Christian Baumgartner


25.8.1855 Jegenstorf (BE) - 3.12.1942 Bern

Christian Baumgartner was a watercolorist with an extraordinary gift for capturing the special light of the Swiss countryside. Many of his landscapes depict the countryside along the banks of the Aare river in his native Canton of Bern.

Beginning in 1900, Baumgartner taught at the Kunstschule Bern (Art School of Bern). In the early years of the century he was part of a group of talented landscape artists who were dubbed "Die Stillen im Lande" - The Quiet Ones in the Country."

He is listed in the Benezit and other major art dictionaries.

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References: The Biographic Dictionary of Swiss Artists

L'Art pour L'Aar - L'Art bernois au XXe Siecle (Bern 1984)


Evening Landscape - Polars along a
Country Road After a Spring Rain - SOLD

Autumn Lakeshore - SOLD

Autumn Landscape 1914

Country Landscape - SOLD


Sail Boat in the Port at St. Gingolph
on Lac Leman (Lake Geneva)

Alpine Lake - SOLD Autumn Landscape on the Aare - SOLD Spring Meadow

Fishing Boat on a Pond - SOLD

Moossee near Bern - SOLD
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