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Eugen Georg Zeller
(1889 Zürich - 1974 Feldmeilen)

Girl in a Swiss Meadow

A young woman in a very 1930s dress and hat sits in a summer meadow -- The artist's marvelous rendition of the texture in the grass makes one virtually feel the delightful sensation of grass on bare legs.

Hand signed lithograph on Japan paper dated 1937 and numbered 25/50.

The painter and graphic artist Eugen Zeller was born and spent most of his life in the Zurich region.

His work during the early part of the century was influenced by the "Neue Sachlichkeit" in Germany.

He is known for the extremely delicate and painterly line of his lithographs.


Condition: Some light wrinkling of sheet that could easily be flattened by proper mounting.

Sources: The Biographic Dictionary of Swiss Artists


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